Curb Paratransit

Making transportation accessible for all.


We have extensive experience setting operationally complex programs that enable transit organizations to significantly reduce their operating costs.



All paratransit riders can use the Curb app to request on-demand trips in wheelchair accessible vehicles allowing for the greatest level of convenience to all riders.


Curb has the largest supply of WAV equipped vehicles in the transportation industry which enables paratransit riders to quickly get a ride whenever they need.

Instantly Connect to Taxis

Curb can connect your city’s taxi supply, including wheelchair accessible vehicles, to passengers in your paratransit program. We offer on-demand ride options, including an app and a call center service, to serve all types of passengers in all corners of your service area. We can also handle co-pay collection, in cash or electronically, to ensure no passenger is disqualified from using our service based on their method of payment.

Professionally Trained Drivers

Our drivers are extensively trained to handle and assist paratransit riders with the highest level of care. Everyone of them must go through a thorough training program and maintain a high level of service to remain in our supply base for paratransit rides.

Reduce Operating Costs

Managing paratransit programs present complex challenges that Curb knows how to solve. Partnering with Curb will allow you to reduce costs and serve more passengers just by supplementing your program with existing resources in your city – taxi fleets. We handle driver recruitment and training, program set-up, and passenger sign-ups. Passengers will enjoy point-to-point, on-demand service and your agency will be supporting local businesses.

Dramatically improve your paratransit program today.